Hitch Back Up Camera w/ Distance Sensor
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Maneuvering Your Truck Just Became The Easiest Part Of Your Journey!

The Smart Hitch backup camera system from Hopkins Towing Solutions is an excellent solution for the everyday pickup driver. The Smart Hitch gives a 3.5" crystal clear image of what is directly behind you when you back up. This product is programmed with two modes: trailer connection mode and normal reverse mode. Trailer connection mode displays a "target" for you to align your hitch with when backing up to a trailer. This makes hooking up trailers a breeze when you are working by yourself. The normal backup mode displays a box directly behind the vehicle that allows you to align yourself perfectly, wherever you may be. Both modes feature color coded distance markers to let you know how close to something you are, and will alert you if you are getting too close to something.


  • 3.5" Static Free Display
  • Backup Camera And Distance Sensor
  • Perfect For Connecting Trailers By Yourself And Maneuvering In Tight Spots
  • Two Display Modes, One To Help Aim While Hooking Up A Trailer, And One To Assist In General Reversing
  • Item #: H50002
  • Condition: New

Hitch Back Up Camera w/ Distance Sensor

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